Explanation of Fees

The Ebell Playwright Prize is not a money-making venture, but it is a new one. The Ebell of Los Angeles women’s club, as a non-profit, cannot shoulder the costs to run or promote this contest. As such, it is necessary for us to charge a submission fee to cover expenses directly attributable to this new venture.

Submission fees fund the following:

  • Legal fees
  • Accounting fees
  • Insurance
  • Digital banking and credit-card processing fees
  • Public Relations/Marketing
  • Press/Advertising in digital and print media
  • Digital storage and database management of plays and website
  • Internet management of submissions, including distribution to Readers and Judges
  • Maintain database and correspondence with submitters, Judges and Advisory Board
  • Correspond with playwrights, including acknowledgments and announcements of Finalists
  • Ebell staff supervision to oversee functionality and obligations of prize money
  • Any surplus funds are rolled into the following year’s prize.

Prize entrance fees do not fund the following:

  • Actors and Judges. These roles are voluntary; they are not paid.
  • Ebell Playwright Prize Committee. These roles are voluntary; they are not paid.
  • Advisory Board. These roles are voluntary; they are not paid.
  • Readers’ stipends. These are funded by contributions.
  • The staged reading of the winning play. Production expenses are provided by the Ebell of Los Angeles.
  • The supper/ no-host supper-bar immediately following the reading which requires its own ticket. Tickets to the supper are available  to Ebell club members, their  guests and the general public.
  • Four complimentary supper-bar tickets for the Prize Winner. Cost absorbed by the Ebell of Los Angeles.
  • Entrance to the staged reading. The reading is free; only the supper-bar requires a ticket to attend.

The Ebell Playwright Prize was created in accordance with rules and guidelines of the 501c3, non profit organization. The Ebell of Los Angeles Club created the prize in alignment with its internal rules of compliance and with the rules established by the State of California regarding contests and prizes.

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