Submission Instructions

  • Applications are accepted online only. Mailed-in hard copies will not be read or returned.
  • Applications will be accepted from January 4, 2016 until June 30, 2016 at 12 noon, Pacific Time.
  • All entrants must pay a submission fee of $35 per play. Students and Teachers may apply at discounted rate of $25 per play, but must prove current enrollment/employment.
    • NOTE: The Ebell of Los Angeles Playwriting Prize is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) enterprise;  your entrance fees covers our expenses.
  • Once payment is accepted, Applicant will receive password access to the online application form, affidavit and instructions for play preparation and email.
  • All elements (fee, application, play upload) must be completed by 12 noon on June 30, 2016 or the application cannot be accepted.

Download this page: Submission Instructions.pdf

A. Pay Entrance Fee to Begin Application

  1. STOP! If your play has been published in any form or has received a production where tickets were sold, it is not eligible. Please thoroughly read the Eligibility & Details page before you continue.
  2. Go to to pay your $35 entry fee. You may submit up to three different works; the fee is $35 per play submitted.
    • Students and teachers are eligible for a reduced rate of $25. When you email us your play, you must also attach a) a jpeg of your ID card, and b) documentation proving current enrollment (student) or a recent pay stub (teacher).
  3. Once your payment has been accepted, you will receive email confirmation with:
    • Private access to the application and affidavit page.
    • Instructions on how to prepare your play and where to email your script.
    • You will also sign an affidavit averring the following:
      “I certify the following to be true: that I am a WOMAN, and a CALIFORNIA RESIDENT and the rightful owner, creator, and controller of the copyright of all materials submitted to The Ebell of Los Angeles Playwright Prize. The play I am submitting has not been optioned, received a professional production, or been published in any from prior to the date of this submission; it meets all standards of eligibility. As the playwright and author, I accept full responsibility and certify that I have made all legal clearances of any written submitted materials that are not in the public domain. I agree, as an individual or joint entrant who is submitting a play, to indemnify the Ebell of Los Angeles as to any claims contrary to my representation of creation.”
  4. Your application will continue on a private, password-protected page.
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